Terms & Shipping Policy


All items are shipped from China, unless otherwise stated.   Shipping times are NEVER guaranteed.   Upon making purchase, you agree to our shipping policy and our FAQ.   We always guarantee you receive your order, we just cannot guarantee the date in which the order will arrive due to the nature of international delivery, and the market sellers we deal with.

Also remember, shipping always varies! While we provide a guideline/estimate for a rough idea, this is not a set in stone time period, and it cannot be guaranteed. We often see a 4-10 week shipping period average for all items ordered.  Again, however, there is always the case it can take longer or arrive faster.  You’re provided tracking number after your order ships out to follow along. ALL orders ship from China, unless otherwise advised.   *Tracking numbers are provided, but can be inaccurate up until the point of delivery.   Many of the freight companies that the sellers use do not offer tracking within China, or up until it is within the possession of USPS.  Don't let this alarm you,  once the package has been processed into US customs and USPS takes possession of it, you will see updates regarding upcoming delivery.


How soon does my order ship after payment, and how long until delivery?

Your order usually ships a few days from time of payment. All orders are given a tracking number to follow along until delivery once shipped. The average delivery time from date of order is a minimum of 4-10 weeks. Shipping times ALWAYS vary! The average time period we provide is only an average. We can not provide or estimate exact delivery dates, nor do we guarantee delivery times. However, you will have the ability to track your package directly until delivery.  We are here to help until you get your order!

Can I modify a shipping address for my order?

Shipping addresses can possibly be changed within the first 12 hours of your order. Contact an admin or our help email ASAP if you have a question regarding this.   If it has passed 12 hours, there is a very likely chance the shipping address can no longer be changed- in some cases it cannot be changed even earlier.  It is a case by case basis situation, as your order is processed with the seller immediately after being received.   Buyer (you) is responsible for entering the correct shipping address at checkout.  If a delivery error or misdelivery happens due to incorrect address provided by the buyer (customer), it is of the responsibility of the customer to contact respective post offices/party at the incorrect address to organize delivery of package.    Seller will only assume responsibility if a mistake of THEIRS caused the issue, not if it was a mistake of the buyer (customer).

Which payment methods are offered?

PayPal, Venmo, Klarna Installment Payments

What's the best way to track my package?

We recommend either using the China Post website (which should've been included in your email with your tracking details), or the international tracking platform 17track.net. Both can offer reliable tracking details on your shipment.  IMPORTANT NOTE: It is common for tracking details to not show up for your order until it has passed initial custom's inspections (this can take time, or it can be immediate. This period of time always varies!).  There is no need to worry when this happens as it is normal process.  Once your package is processed, you will see updates on your shipment via the tracking methods mentioned above. Please note that it is also common for jewelry and other small accessories to lack any tracking information until right before delivery.  *WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TRACK YOUR PACKAGE DURING THE ENTIRE SHIPPING PROCESS.  SOME OF THE FREIGHT COMPANIES DO NOT PROVIDE TRACKING UPDATES UNTIL ITEM IS PROCESSED BY CUSTOMS OR BY USPS. OR UNTIL DELIVERED.  WE DO ALWAYS GUARANTEE YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDERS.*