GGDB Links - Updated August 2023

If you are looking for the high-end bags/jewelry, click here.

Our GGDB inspired links are now updated here rather than in the Facebook Group.

You can view the individual links on this site for the different GGDB styles from the trusted seller. Along with the style charts that include the different codes you need when ordering. EVERY STYLE OF GGDB HAS THEIR OWN LINK. Make sure to pay attention to the link you're using when ordering, and that it's the correct link for the style you want!



🔥 👟 From the trusted group seller, size 35-41 available only!
Please follow the instructions outlined below when ordering to receive the correct color and size!

Order instructions -
▪️You must include in a note/message to the seller with the code of the item you would like to order. You will also need to select the size when ordering that corresponds to the size chart & size you wear.  (The note is added with the little notepad button at checkout screen.)
▪️ This is a hidden link. As long as you follow the order instructions you will be sent the GGDB sneakers.
▪️ No messages to the seller for any reason other than to indicate your style and size selection when ordering. Contact an admin in the FB group with any ordering questions, never the seller!